Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need a license to drive in Turkey

We have standard and luxurious cars and of course luxurious vans with smart TV

Turkey is a huge country with many sites, seeing. To save money, you will need to rent a car.

Royal Car Rents provides all types of cars from cheap to expensive.

Renting a car for long days, you will end up with a great price.

All rental cars need to be insured.

You can’t rent a car at 18 years of age. As long as you have a legitimate license card, then you can rent a car.

Yes you can rent it long term with great price.

You Reserve by sending us the car you requested and send down-payment.

We can drop it to you, but we need to be noted 24 hours ahead.

You can rent it as long as you want, but return it for car service only.

Summer time is a high season in Turkey, so the car prices are higher.

As mentioned above it depends on the season, but you can rent a small car with no extra features with 25 dollars and sometimes less.

We can send it to you with full fuel, but that will be upon your request.

Yes, You can rent a Car in Royal Car Rents with Comprehensive Insourance.

You can rent a car anywhere in Istanbul through Royal Car Rents

No, you need credit card for renting a car or you can make payment through Cashh.

No car rentals are not fully refundable, we deduct 25% as charges.

You should take into account where you want to go in Turkey, especially your last place you are going to visit, so you can drop the rental car. And there is 100 dollar insurance which will be refunded once car dropped.

Renting from Royal Car Rents is cheaper than using cabs, and our services expands with clients, such as helping them with where to visit, and we can help with translation too if needed.

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